Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grandma Lucy's Artisan Freeze Dried/Grain Free Dog Food

Dog food. DOG. FOOD.

Just the way they used to feed the dogs in the Old Country, I am sure. The gluten-intolerant dogs, anyway. (Grain free!)

From the website: "Grandma Lucy's Artisan Chicken Grain-Free Dog Food. At Grandma Lucy's our goal has always been a simple one - to make pure and simple pet food products. We do things the same way you would if you had the time to cook for your pet. We take care to use only human-quality, all-natural ingredients and nothing else. When you choose Grandma Lucy's Artisan, you know you are making the right choice for your pet."

Yes, there is a long standing tradition of cooking for dogs. ...And not just among the child-free! From rural India to urban Odessa, the bountiful harvests have historically been too much for people. That is why the excess meat, potatoes, carrots, celery, apples & blueberries went into complicated food for the dogs. You have wikipedia. Look it up!

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  1. Ironically grains have been the staple in a dogs diet over thousand of years.

    If it wasn´t the hunting/pet dog of the noble or a dog from a tribe that lived from hunting and fishing,most dogs rarely saw meat.

    Cats can hunt for their food,dogs not so.
    Sure they could but they had to stay on the farm,defend the animals from robbers and wild animals and if they tried to kill a farm animal they would have been killed themselves.

    People used everything from a slaughtered animal,the blood, the stomach, the feet, the head and even the eye balls,testicles...

    They wouldn´t have feed any of this to the dogs.

    Eggs or milk for a dog? Good joke

    It surely was not in their every day diet and the whey from cheese making was drunk by the people or feed to the sows.

    The common sheepdogs/herding dogs had adapted to a main diet of soaked, cooked grains because that was what people had.

    Nowadays so many dogs are allergic to grains because the quality of the grains used in dog food is horrible.

    They are allowed to use moldy,bad grains with too high contents in herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals which they are not allowed to use in human

    Those grains are also not soaked and the enzyme inhibitors and substances that bind minerals and iritate the bowels withstand the heat and are bad for humans and dogs alike.

    Whole grain breads give humans tummy aches because of this and before the industry hastened up the process,bread was made with sourdough.

    The long raising over two days and the bacterias destructed the enzyme inhibitors and substances that would bind minerals and add some more vitamins and proteins.

    Oats for breakfast were soaked over night and the warmth near the stove started the same processes like with sourdough.

    The grains were easier digestible and more nutritous.

    If dogs would get dog food where the grains were off high quality and had undergone the same process of fermenting, there wouldn´t be so many dogs who couldn´t stomach grains.