Saturday, April 16, 2011

Canterbury Naturals Down Home Chicken Noodle Classic Artisan Soup Mix

Artisan soup mix. This is perilously close to artisan spice mix in concept, but somehow even worse. Because I am just not buying the idea that soup could EVER be artisan. Soup is classically bits of carcass or vegetable scraps thrown in a pot with water and cooked until it tastes like something. Any a-hole can make soup. Trust me...I make soup.

But this? This isn't even soup. This is a bag of noodles and dessicated carrots. Charlie Bucket's mom made better soup than this.

And get this-- I originally found the ridiculously named Canterbury Naturals Down Home Chicken Noodle Classic Artisan Soup Mix at Really. Does this need to be a rule? That if you can buy it at, then it is not artisan? 'Cause I'll make another rule....

I'll bet these Canterbury people aren't even English. ...Loathsome fakers.

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  1. wtf nearly 6 bugs for not even 200 gramm noodle/dried vegetable thing?

    For that price I can buy good organic noodles(a pound), fresh vegetables(onions,garlic,carrots,celery..4pounds) and 2 pounds of chicken cuts, not a whole chicken but the cut up bones with meat, when all the high priced parts are cut away, bring more flavour than the whole chicken and you do not need to cook them as long to bring the flavour into the soup.

    Yeah you need to cook the chicken and some vegetables for more than an hour, but you do not have to stand near the stove and watch it,you can do other things.

    And after that strain the broth, add frush cut vegetables or even roast them in a pan for more flavour, add the meat that falls from the bones(and most likely will be already have done so after the cooking), add it back to the broth and cook it again with the vegetables for 15 minuts while the noodles cook in an other pot with water and add the noodles when the vegetables are soft.

    You could also cook the noodles in the broth but the starch can make the broth turn sour if you want to keep it in the fridge and are a bit unlucky and they suck up flavour during cooking