Monday, April 18, 2011

Artisan Wheat Thins

See Artisan Tostitos . Or pretty much any other entry that deals with crackers or cheese that is not actually artisan. These categories seem to be the most frequent offenders. I guess because cheese and bread are two of very few foods that can actually be called artisan when done right.

But Artisan Wisconsin Colby? Come on, man. Colby was invented specifically for the unevolved cheese eater for whom cheddar was simply "too strong!!" Colby is cheddar whose curds have been washed to remove flavor. TO REMOVE FLAVOR. Not artisan --- lame.

And once again I have trouble discerning what the word artisan is supposed to be modifying. If not the cheese, which we have covered, then the crackers. Which, when made in a factory by a guy wearing one of these is not artisan. For reals. You think his moustache hair is not a threat? I do not undertand that particular invention. But I digress. Artisan Wheat Thins: not artisan.

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