Thursday, April 14, 2011

Artisan Salt

Unless you took sodium ions and chloride ions and used some serious juju and/or alchemy to fuse them into a crystalline structure, your salt is not artisan.

The artisan salt company has a lot of products. At first, this was my favorite: "Sel De Mer (Coarse Grain) is simply solar evaporated Mediterranean Sea water." (Ahem, meaning the artisan here is the sun, thank you very much.)

But then I found this one: "Kala Namak is an essential ingredient in authentic Indian cuisine. The distinctive smell and flavor of egg yokes makes this salt unforgettable."

Bwa ha ha! Egg yokes. I hate to be a jerk (OK, not really, I love it) but if you don't know it's "yolks", you should probably not even be in the food business. ...and you are definitely not an artisan. And as a personal note, I do not want salt that smells like farts. Because I assume that is what they mean. That it reeks of sulfur.

I am going to invent my own artisan salt: The Rock is hand-harvested from the sweaty groin region of professional wrestlers. It imparts a certain je nais sais quoi to artisan corn chips.

...and scene!


  1. Well,if it is hand harvested in a salt garden like the high priced fleur de sel is, maybe that wouldmake it artisan.

    And it really takes a good ammount of hard work and a bit of knowledge to gain sea salt with the traditional craft, but if you pumpsea water into steel pans and just let the water evaporate, than no..not so artisan.

    Check it out,it is really interesting to see how they take care of a salt garden,also because it is done on the ground and you have to maintain a certain level of water or the salt will mix with the ground and maybe you like the extra minerals but I can do well without it.

    And Kala Namak is a very traditional salt,also used since a couple of thousand years in the indian also does not taste like farts or foul eggs.

    Yes it has an eggy flavour(and is black) and the indian people make some terrific spice mixes(masala) with it.

    It is a spice, just like pepper.
    If you do not know it how can you judge it, the salt is not to blame for farty advertisment.

    But maybe you just do not like indian cuisine?

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