Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artisan Breadsticks

Direct to you from the master craftsmen at it's artisan bread sticks!

First, another rule...I think we're on five? If you can buy it only in bulk, it is not artisan.

And next, a quibble with the product. Sticks of flour and water with a shelf life of NINE MONTHS are not bread. At best, these things are cylindrical crackers. Great artisan bread lasts less than a day. When you get a really good baguette, you are very sad the next day when the portion you didn't eat is more a weapon than a food, but you make french toast and move on. Because it was that good.

I know it is easy to get suckered in to believing these things are artisan - after all, they did depict a master baker on the front; the taller the hat, the more skilled the artisan, you know. But look at the bread in his basket and tell me how big this box would have to be if that was the product they were selling. Frankly, I am running out of appropriate insults for the jerks responsible for this stuff. I'm about to start making up new ones. ...stupid chodes.

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  1. Baguettes are not Artisan either. The baguette is a product of modern mechanization of bakeries in France with modern mixers, commercial yeast and inferior white fortified flour. Bread could be made, baked and packed in a six hour shift as opposed to traditional sourdough which is dependent upon the environment. The style of eating it fresh from the oven masks it's inferior qualities.

    FYI, enjoyed reading your blog.