Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Artisan Pepper Collection

It was inevitable. I mean, if salt was going to get artisan status, you knew pepper could not be far behind. ...but at least the salt was separated from water as part of its handling. These were just picked off a fricking bush and allowed to shrivel. Classic rule three violation.

These posers didn't even take the time to write a bad block of overwrought copy to convince you their little dessicated fruits are artisan. No- they just said the assortment is, "a great way to experience these unusual peppers before investing in larger quantities."

I don't know - I kind of respect them a little for that. I mean no bullshit; just one line saying, basically, "Yeah, this is some overpriced motherfucking pepper. Buy small now so you won't be pissed at us about it later."

It's good to know that some people out there are still able to appropriately feel shame.

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